Next Koros Wargames Terrain Designs Release

Next Koros Wargames Terrain Designs Release

Did we say a medieval stable was next? Well, after the prototypes came off the line for the Palisade Defense Set, we got really excited about it. I have been literally spending my entire weekend painting these models and getting ready to post for pre-order. Don't worry, the stable will be coming too, but it is being delayed a week.

So what is this Palisade Defense Set? I may have already mentioned it, but here it is again. We will be offering a set that will contain a Main Gate, (2) 4" Walls, (2) 8" Walls, (2) Corner Towers, interior ladders, and a bunch of siege ladders for your opponent. All the pieces have battlements and platforms so you may rain death down upon the enemy.

We will also be offering all of the above pieces for individual sale along with a Center Tower structure. Grab the base set and add onto it to build yourself a fortified village or an outpost. This set is 28mm scale and will work great with any medieval or sword & sorcery fantasy game. Oh, by the way, the new Medieval Stable and Viking buildings we recently released go great with this set.

That's all for now....we need to get back to painting. Happy gaming!

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