New Miniature Game & Metazoo

New Miniature Game & Metazoo

Miniature Wargamers. We discovered a cool fantasy skirmish game at Gencon this year call Freeblades. So, we have decided to partner with DGS Games and offer this game for sale on our site and Flemington NJ store. Our starter order has been placed and we are waiting for the shipment to arrive. Stay tuned.

Metazoo fans, we are STILL waiting on Metazoo to release our product allocations. Again, we will post more info and open preorder as soon as we can. We do have more comic books on the way, so watch for news on them soon. Oh, we have seen many people on various forums complaining about their comics getting destroyed by the various mail services due to poor packaging practices. We ship our comics in boxes, NOT envelops. Shipping may be a bit more in price when you buy from us, but this mitigates the risk of damage to those items.

That's all for now. Game on!

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