Metazoo Nightfall Release

Metazoo fans, we are looking forward to supplying all of you with the next wave of Metazoo cards to be released this fall. Currently, we are trying to get a handle on what Metazoo will allocate to our store, so please be patient with pre-orders. To make the game available to a wider portion of our customers, we will be putting a limit on the number of items that may be ordered per customer and taking a percentage of our stock to sell in-store only.

As before, we will be selling our stock at MSRP and not price gouging like many others. Keep checking our website and social media pages for further news on when we will open up pre-orders.

Thank you for your business and game on!

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  • Brice - September 01, 2021

    What’s the limit? Was hoping to get some for in box and out of box collection

  • jack c crinnion - September 01, 2021

    I’m so excited! Thank you for carrying it. I’m hoping I can pre order and pick up in store instead of having it shipped. :) You’re only an hour away by car.

  • Jesse Dunn - September 01, 2021

    Thx for the update KorosWarGames! Excited to order & open some NightFall this October : )

  • Chris Guest - September 01, 2021

    Just found out about these the other day, love the concept of a Cryptic TCG! Will definitely swing by sometime to check ’em out! ;)

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