Metazoo News!!!!

Our store has received news of our first set of allocations of Metazoo Booster Boxes and Blister Packs. In an effort to be fair to our online and local customers, we will be holding back some of the inventory for local customers only. However, we will be putting 200 units of each up for pre-order on our website. The pre-order will begin at 1 pm ET on Sunday 10/17.

There will be an ORDER LIMIT in effect of 4 per customer. If we find people trying to get around this limit, we will cancel all your orders, so please be considerate to all your fellow Metazoo'ers. 

A word about placing multiple orders. One thing that made the initial release very difficult for our staff this past July was people trying to combine orders and get freight refunded. If multiple orders are placed, Koros Wargames will NOT be refunding freight charges, but we will retain the right to combine orders into a single shipment. This will enable us to process the massive amount of orders we get in a timely fashion. This change in policy is only related to the Metazoo release and replaces our standard return policy.

Finally, we have not physically received the product, but it is on the way from the warehouse. We know that there was a large problem across all stores selling the first release with boxes being damaged. We encountered this problem ourselves and knowing that getting replacements were impossible made the decision to ship dented boxes to customers. We will have the same policy this time, but will try to limit dented boxes to 1 per order. Our hope is that Metazoo will have worked out their shipping issues and this will be a minimum if at all occurrence. If this is a major problem for you and do not want any damaged boxes, then please make a note in the order or send us an email with your order number. Just be aware that if we are short product due to this, you may not get everything you ordered.

We will do everything we can to make your purchase a great experience. 

Thank you for shopping with us!

As for the other products in the release, we have not heard anything on them. 

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