Metazoo has arrived!

We have received out booster boxes and blister packs for Metazoo. All pre-orders will be process over the next week and sent out for delivery. For those who pre-ordered in the store, please come by and pick up your order. Once all of the pre-orders are processed, we will evaluate our remaining stock and allocate to a few folks we have on a waiting list. Beyond that, there is nothing more to sell at this time for these products.

As for release and theme decks, we have shipments that will be arriving over the course of 2 weeks and we will be evaluating how we will allocate those between online and instore sales, as well as purchase limits. It was unfortunate that a number of people attempted to place multiple orders online to try and beat our attempt to distribute to more customers. This has caused us to reconsider how we will offer this product online. 

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