Kill Team Mayhem this Weekend

We are excited about our first tournament at the shop this weekend. There will be a lot of Kill Team matches and fun going on.  If you want to get in on the action, we still have a few slots open for the tournament. Here are some pics of the trophies we will be giving away along with great prizes. Hope to see you there.

Our First Tournament - Kill Team March Mayhem

The weekend of 3/20-3/21 we will be holding our first tournament ever. It's the Kill Team March Mayhem event. This Kill Team tournament will be using the Adepticon 2019 rules and features a number of prizes for our top players as well as a painting competition for best in show of a Kill Team Unit.

If your in the area, be sure to sign up or stop by to check out the tournament/store.

Details of the tournament may be found on FaceBook.

Koros Kill Team March Mayhem | Facebook

15% All Blood & Plunder

Get 15% Off all Blood & Plunder products. Grab a ship, fill it with pirates, and battle across the seas.
Weekly Update - Oak & Iron 30% off

Weekly Update - Oak & Iron 30% off

Another week is upon us and this time we are offering Oak & Iron at 30% discount to encourage folks to try out a great game. Also, we are expecting our initial stock of Xwing and Marvel Champions this week as well as a restock of Games Workshop Ork line. 

We are expanding into D&D miniatures with our initial stock focusing on character miniatures. This expansion is fueled by our RPG customers looking to get that special figure to represent a character. 

On a board game note, we are bringing in a few new games to replenish our inventories from the Holidays. Unfortunately, items are getting scarce due to the never ending Covid problem, but we are trying hard to expand our lines.

Happy gaming!

Koros Wargames Staff


Web Updates -  Board Game Selections

Web Updates - Board Game Selections

We are happy to announce that our board game selection has been updated with a variety of games we offer at our Flemington store. Check out the new listings available.

Week 4: Final Holiday Sale

30% off this week on the Battlestar Galactica Starter Set and Expansions. This is our last week of Holiday Specials. Take advantage of this great deal to try out the Battlestar Galactica game or stock up on all those needed expansions. The price is great and stock is limited.

Week 3 Holiday Sales and News

The Holidays are closing in, so to celebrate, this week our 30% special is Godtear by Steam Forged Games. This skirmish board game pits two heroes and their minions against each other in a contest to capture godtears and accumulate victory points. Pick up a starter set and collect the various hero expansions. All are on sale this week.

Other discount news, Gamers Grass and our own line of MDF Terrain are on discount. These discounts range from 10-15% and will remain for the foreseeable future.

Star Wars has arrived at Koros Wargames. We now carry Star Wars Legion, Armada, and the Role Playing Game. All are in stock, check them out.

Horror fans..... we now have Mansions of Madness. A co-op board game with a series of expansions are in stock and selling quick. Get a copy of this great game. 

That's all for now. Happy gaming!

Koros Wargames Staff

Week 2 Holiday Sales and Fantasy Flight News!

Hi Gamers. This week our 30% special is targeting Epic Encounters by Steam Forged Games. These sets are D&D 5E compatible and feature a single encounter that may be played as a stand-alone one shot encounter or inserted into your current campaign. They come with details of the encounter, a map, and highly detailed miniatures. Paint them up or leave them as they are, these minis will complement or kick off your miniature fantasy collection.

Other discount news, Gamers Grass and our own line of MDF Terrain are on discount. These discounts range from 10-15% and will remain for the foreseeable future.

Coming soon, we will be adding some Fantasy Flight product lines to our store. We will likely be expanding into some of the various Star Wars lines and also be looking into what other systems may work well with our store. Check back often to see what we will be carrying. 

That's all for now. Happy gaming!

Koros Wargames Staff

Holiday Season is Upon Us!

To celebrate the holidays, we will be offering a special weekly deal on a particular game system. This week is Dark Souls Board and Card games with all the expansions. These specials will be 30% off and will only last as long as we have stock. We will change our deal every week.

In addition, we will randomly offer one of our terrain pieces on special. This week is the popular Viking Longhouse. Grab one of these for your table top or role playing game.

As can be seen, we have expanded into miniature game systems, board & card games, and role-playing games. Check out what we have in stock. Come back for we add new items all the time.

Happy Holidays!

Koros Wargames Staff

News - 11/29/2020

November is almost gone. What a busy month it was. We are looking forward to what December and the New Year bring. 

This week we are working on bringing many of our great products to the web store. Now that the Flemington shop is up and running, we have some time to devote to our online store. Our online shop will expand into miniature games, miniatures, board games, card games, and role playing. Keep an eye on the site as new items will be added daily.

A few words about Covid. We know a lot of people are concerned about grouping up to play their games. Koros Wargames is doing our best to try and mitigate this problem by limiting the number of people in our store club spaces and cleaning often. We hope, as we all do, that the pandemic will soon be put under control and we can return to some normalcy. 

Finally, with the Holiday season upon us, we at Koros Wargames wish everyone a happy and safe season. We appreciate all our customers and say Thank You for your business.

Happy Gaming!

Koros Wargames Staff 

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