Metazoo Release

Unfortunately, no news yet on product allocations.

Metazoo Comics - Chapter 2

Metazoo Fans, we have received a small batch of Metazoo comics. We are restricting purchases to 2 per customer. Item will open for orders Friday, 9/10, at 6pm EST.

Metazoo Pre-order News

Metazoo Enthusiasts.

We know that everyone is excited about getting their pre-orders in for the Nightfall release. At this time, we have put in a large order for product, but are still waiting confirmation and allocations to our store. Until we get our allocated product numbers, we will not have the items available for pre-order. Please be patient, as soon as we hear our final numbers, we will post an update. 

Thank you for your business!

Metazoo Nightfall Release

Metazoo fans, we are looking forward to supplying all of you with the next wave of Metazoo cards to be released this fall. Currently, we are trying to get a handle on what Metazoo will allocate to our store, so please be patient with pre-orders. To make the game available to a wider portion of our customers, we will be putting a limit on the number of items that may be ordered per customer and taking a percentage of our stock to sell in-store only.

As before, we will be selling our stock at MSRP and not price gouging like many others. Keep checking our website and social media pages for further news on when we will open up pre-orders.

Thank you for your business and game on!

Kill Team Mayhem this Weekend

We are excited about our first tournament at the shop this weekend. There will be a lot of Kill Team matches and fun going on.  If you want to get in on the action, we still have a few slots open for the tournament. Here are some pics of the trophies we will be giving away along with great prizes. Hope to see you there.

Our First Tournament - Kill Team March Mayhem

The weekend of 3/20-3/21 we will be holding our first tournament ever. It's the Kill Team March Mayhem event. This Kill Team tournament will be using the Adepticon 2019 rules and features a number of prizes for our top players as well as a painting competition for best in show of a Kill Team Unit.

If your in the area, be sure to sign up or stop by to check out the tournament/store.

Details of the tournament may be found on FaceBook.

Koros Kill Team March Mayhem | Facebook

15% All Blood & Plunder

Get 15% Off all Blood & Plunder products. Grab a ship, fill it with pirates, and battle across the seas.
Weekly Update - Oak & Iron 30% off

Weekly Update - Oak & Iron 30% off

Another week is upon us and this time we are offering Oak & Iron at 30% discount to encourage folks to try out a great game. Also, we are expecting our initial stock of Xwing and Marvel Champions this week as well as a restock of Games Workshop Ork line. 

We are expanding into D&D miniatures with our initial stock focusing on character miniatures. This expansion is fueled by our RPG customers looking to get that special figure to represent a character. 

On a board game note, we are bringing in a few new games to replenish our inventories from the Holidays. Unfortunately, items are getting scarce due to the never ending Covid problem, but we are trying hard to expand our lines.

Happy gaming!

Koros Wargames Staff


Web Updates -  Board Game Selections

Web Updates - Board Game Selections

We are happy to announce that our board game selection has been updated with a variety of games we offer at our Flemington store. Check out the new listings available.

Week 4: Final Holiday Sale

30% off this week on the Battlestar Galactica Starter Set and Expansions. This is our last week of Holiday Specials. Take advantage of this great deal to try out the Battlestar Galactica game or stock up on all those needed expansions. The price is great and stock is limited.

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