Zombicide Chronicles RPG: Mission Compendium

Zombicide Chronicles RPG: Mission Compendium

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Every Survivor Has a Story to Tell

Stories from the Outbreak adds 10 complete Missions to Zombicide Chronicles.

Each adventure takes place in a different City District and corresponds to one of the 10 Mission types presented in Core Rulebook.

Meet new Non-Playing Survivors that may aid you or make your life surprisingly more difficult, depending on how you interact with them. Face several new enemies, from gigantic Abominations to dangerous human beings. And explore new, exciting sights around the Zombie town, from a Church with a dark secret, to an abandoned Aquarium, and much more.

You and your friends have a Mission to fulfill, but will you manage to overcome the Hordes and live to fight another day?

A copy of the Zombicide Chronicles RPG: Core Book is necessary to use the contents of this book.