Wild West Exodus: Quantrill's Raiders Posse

Wild West Exodus: Quantrill's Raiders Posse

Warcradle Studios


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To think that William Quantrill was once a teacher is almost impossible to believe. The man driven by hatred and violence is now spoken about only in hushed tones, often by the weeping widows he leaves in his wake. To him, the Ore War never ceased and he will only be at peace when the yankee blue-bellies are purged from this land in flame and death. At least that’s what he tells people who are brave enough to ask. There is a darker truth behind his eyes. Even before he was critically wounded in a Union ambush he was known for the massacre of men and boys. He simply enjoys causing pain and terror to any who stand in his way. The story goes that it was only purest hate that willed him to survive the almost fatal wound he received at Wakefield Farm, though Enlightened medicine surely played its part. Now he has vowed to take revenge on every last member of the Union that he can. Soldiers or civilians, loyalists or former Confederates, Quantrill will have his pound of flesh and then some.

Georgia Maddox grew up in the south and joined the Confederacy at an early age inspired by her brother. She wasn’t overly violent at the start, performing her necessary duties as a soldier with stoic resolve. However, due to her proficiency on an Iron Horse and her connection to her brother Richard Maddox, she was assigned to the newly formed unit that would become Quantrill's Raiders and her life started to change. To begin with she baulked at the shock tactics they employed, more used to straight fights against line infantry. Over time, as the war drew on, William Quantrill's repeated speeches and the fervour that the unit felt during their missions inured her to the horrors of war they commited. Eventually she became indoctrinated to their terrible way of doing things, so much so she gained the honour of flying the unit’s banner into battle. Since Quantrill’s rageful resurrection, she has only become more willing to perform atrocities in the name of the dead Confederacy.

Where William Quantrill is a brutal madman prone to fits of rage, Richard Maddox is cool, calm and collected. This doesn’t make him any less of a threat, however. His hate burns as deeply and he is just as capable of causing pain as his commanding officer. Most see him as Quantrills right hand man and he is often the tactician behind their lighting raids and civilian ambushes. Maddox is just at home behind a set of technical schematics as he is behind a battle map. A useful skill to have when your Iron Horse is constantly in the field. He even adapted his own personal Iron Horse, arming it with a pair of flamethrowers running from a high capacity fuel tank. Richard Maddox may not be a physically violent man but he loves the smell of RJ in the morning.


  • 1x William Quantrill
  • 1x Georgia Maddox
  • 1x Richard Maddox

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website