Wild Tiled West

Wild Tiled West

Dire Wolf Digital

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A frontier of hardworking critters and cheatin' varmints awaits in Wild Tiled West! Draft tiles to build new towns across the prairie and help your settlement grown. Defender your citizens from no-good-rotten outlaws. Strike it rich in the mines, or risk it all at the card table!

The west is wilder than ever! And it'll take clever strategy and a bit of luck to come out on top! Saddle up and ride off into the Wild Tiled West!


  • 8 Double-sided settlement boards
  • 5 Mining tracks
  • 4 Tile trays
  • 96 Tiles
  • Scorboard
  • 16 Partner cards
  • 6 Dice used for prospecting tiles
  • 30 Gold nuggets
  • 35 Bullets/tombstones
  • 15 Cowpokes
  • 15 Hill bandits
  • 25 Alley tiles
  • 4 Cattle contracts
  • 4 Fancy Saloon ace cards
  • 12-card solo mode deck