White Dwarf 481 (Oct 2022)

White Dwarf 481 (Oct 2022)

Games Workshop


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White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month – including new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the October issue:

- Contact!
Letters, questions and pictures of miniatures sent in by you, our readers.

- Worlds of Warhammer
This time it’s about actual worlds as we take a look at the different types of planets of the Imperium.

- Inside the Studio
Check out the games we’ve played and the models we’ve painted this month.

- Flashpoint Nephilim: The Breach Reinforced

The Imperial Fists and Black Templars join forces against the encroaching Necrons in this background article that expands the narrative of the ongoing conflict against the Necrons in the Nephilim Sector.

- Flashpoint Nephilim: Necrons Army of Renown
A new variant army list for the Necrons – the Destroyer-heavy Annihilation Legion! Available for use in all types of play, including Matched Play, the Necrons Annihilation Legion provides Necrons Players with one new Warlord Trait, three Relics, six all-new Annihilation Protocols, and eight Stratagems.

- Battle Report: The Fate of Barbarus Part 2

Can the Death Guard hold out against Lion El’Jonson and his allies?

- Barbarus Burning
The outcome of the war, and The Fate of Barbarus, recorded in the annals of history for all time.

- The Armoured Fist of the Legion
Three new missions for Horus Heresy centred around the Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Armoured Assault, Gauntlet of Fire, and Iron Behemoths.

- Flashpoint Rondhol: The Waaagh! Surges South

Da Choppas continue their rampage across Rondhol on their way to Everquake City.

- Flashpoint Rondhol: The Great Stomp Part 2
New campaign rules and two new battleplans for the ongoing war in the Realm of Beasts.

- The Roaming Dead
It's October, it's almost Halloween, and that of course, means zombies!
Take on a horde of Deadwalker Zombies in two spooky fun narrative play battleplans set in Ulfenkarn. Do you have what it takes to survive the night?

- Kill Team Engage!

The Dwarfers head into space for the next stage of their on-going campaign.

- The Master of Rivendell

The Middle-earth team talks us through the best tactics and strategies for using Elrond, Master of Rivendell on the tabletop.

- Warhammer Horror: Hunger in the Dark, by Richard Strachan

An intrepid explorer, Pythius, is trapped in a mountain full of ghouls, in this Warhammer Horror Short Story. Choose their fate with four possible endings.

Each physical copy of issue 481 comes with a double-sided Achievement Tracker and four Territory Cards to aid your Great Stomp Flashpoint campaign.