Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory RPG Starter Set

Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory RPG Starter Set

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The Gilead System shudders on the edge of ruin - can you pull it back from the brink?

Embrace the grim darkness of the forsaken Gilead System in the Wrath & Glory Starter Set. Charge into the fray as an agent of the Varonius Flotilla, the Imperium's fragile bulwark amidst the Chaos engulfing the entire system. Face daemonic incursions, root out insidious traitors, and fight to keep the flicker of hope alive in this merciless corner of the galaxy.

The Emperor protects. Will you stand fast when all others have fallen?

This Starter Set contains everything you need to begin your Warhammer 40K experience:

 • Traitor's Hymn: Learn the rules as you play this thrilling adventure.

 • A Guide to Varonius Flotilla: Continue your Wrath & Glory saga with this exciting guidebook, teeming with treacherous locations, fascinating characters, and epic adventures.

 • Six exciting pre-generated characters to choose from, helpful rules reference sheets, tokens to track important resources, and eight six-sided dice.