Wrath & Glory: Church of Steel

Wrath & Glory: Church of Steel

Cubicle 7


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  • Vehicular mayhem in the 41st Millennium

    Witness the mysteries of the Machine Spirit and unleash the massive power of machines of war with Church of Steel, a comprehensive guide to vehicles in Wrath & Glory. Within this weighty tome are rules for more than 80 vehicles from the diverse Species and Factions of the 41st Millennium, and narrative-focused rules for running them in your games.

    Take to the Mechanicus workshop to customise your engines of destruction with a panoply of weapons and upgrades, including detailed explanations of Machine Spirits and rules for interacting with them. Build a unique history for your venerable vehicle and travel the harsh wastes of the Gilead System with story building travel rules.

    Church of Steel includes:

     • A detailed exploration of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Machine Cult, as well as the reverence other factions and Species have for their vehicles.

     • Rules for customising a vehicle's appearance and quirks, as well as building a rich history of its exploits

     • Rules for interfacing with Machine Spirits directly.

     • Guidance for incorporating travel into your games, from interplanetary voyages to treks across planetary wasteland and slogs across massive hive cities

     • Rules for vehicle actions, interactions, and complications in and out of combat

     • Customisation options

     • Stats for dozens of vehicles from tanks, to troop carriers, to personal flyers, including a section on Necron vehicles and the mysterious living metal necrodermis

     • A short adventure to show off the new rules and stat blocks in action

    144 pages