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Battle for Life and Death on the High Lucidian Seas!

Uk'otoa is a tactical game of semi-cooperative card play where factions of sailors vie to be the last claimed by the raging sea leviathan, Uk'otoa. As the toothy maw of Uk'otoa ravages your ship, you'll have to run, push, and sacrifice others to win!

Uk'otoa is a must-have for fans of tactical card play, map reduction board games, and legendary sea creature enthusiasts. Enjoy the first official board game developed by the Darrington Press team - a fast-paced, enthralling game of thrilling nautical adventure from the world of Critical Role's Exandria, for gamers everywhere.

26 Ship Deck Hexes
25 Terrified Sailor Meeples (24mm tall)
5 Faction Tokens
60 Movement Cards
1 Plastic Uk'otoa Miniature (52mm tall, 25mm Hex Base)

Ages: 12+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 30-45 minutes