Tortuga 2199

Tortuga 2199

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Planetary register. . .
Tortuga - former Interstellar Confederation mining colony. Incredibly harsh environment and aggressive fauna. Planet located in neutral buffer zone of Omega sector. Site of critically important Helium-3 mines.
Note: Since miner's rebellion, the planet is controlled by insurgents and scattered miner clans. Unregistered smuggler and private-military ships also spotted. CAUTION: confederation ships highly discouraged from entering atmosphere or landing.

In Tortuga 2199 you are the captain of a pirate space ship. Your objective is to become the most powerful captain and unite all sectors and clans of Tortuga under your authority. Upgrade your ship and hire new crew members. Explore and conquer different sectors of the planet. Fight space beasts and board other captains' ships. All in the name of increasing your influence and dominating Tortuga. Good luck, Captain! All sails to the space winds!

11 Sector Tiles
125 Cards
67 Tokens
4 Plastic Spaceship Miniatures
40 Player Markers
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes