Too Many Bones: Ally Pack

Too Many Bones: Ally Pack

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NOTE: The Ally Pack requires Tink and Ghillie Add-on characters to play.

Add some character to your chip stacks!

The Too Many Bones Ally Pack adds six chips for all your favorite Gearloc companions. No longer just a die on a stack of health chips, Tink's spiderbots and Ghillie's pets now have chips of their own, containing brand new artwork from Anthony LeTourneau and helpful Skill reminders. Ghillie's animal companions feature unique art on each side to suit both a fierce or cuddly demeanor.

The Ally Pack ships in a foil bag.

  • Spiderbot 1.0 Chip
  • Spiderbot 2.0 Chip
  • Spiderbot 3.0 Chip
  • "Growls" Tiger Chip
  • "Li'l Yeti" Wolverine Chip
  • "Talon" Falcon Chip