Tiny Epic Crimes

Tiny Epic Crimes

Gamelyn Games

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In the city of Echo Ridge, film producer Donny Muretti, the Mayor's son, was murdered in his penthouse last night. The Mayor wants this case closed before the press sink their teeth into it. You have 48 hours till the lid on this thing blows clean off. . . and then it's all-out gang war.

In Tiny Epic Crimes, players are officers of the law, working to crack a murder case and thwart the mobster activity in the city. The game is won if the murderer is correctly identified when time runs out.


6 Secret Envelopes
1 Red Magnifying Glass
16 Suspect Cards*
25 City Block Cards*
18 Event Cards*
12 Ability Cards*
4 Officer Mats°
4 Player Aid Mats°
2 Time Mats°
27 Wooden Tokens
1 Cloth Drawbag
2 Bullet Dice
60 Cardboard Tokens
1 Rulebook

Card Sleeve Sizes Recommended:
   * 70 x 70mm
   ° 80 x 125mm

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes