Black Library: The Rose at War (HB)

Black Library: The Rose at War (HB)

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An Adepta Sororitas Anthology

Follow a Sister Superior around the galaxy as she leads her troops against all the horrors the galaxy has to offer.


Danie Ware explores the complexity and depth of the Sisters of Battle like few others, and this series gives the reader an interesting perspective on the long-term career of an average Sororitas soldier.


This series of eight stories relates the tale of Sister Superior Augusta Santorus of the Order of the Bloody Rose as she battles against the horrors of the galaxy. She’ll encounter heretics, xenos, and everything in between. This collection includes five short stories and three novellas, one of which is availble for the first time in this book.


– Forsaken
– The Crystal Cathedral
– Mercy
– The Bloodied Rose
– Wreck and Ruin
– The Rose in Anger
– Da Big Mouf
– The Sisters of Death

Written by Danie Ware