Tall Stone: Column Set

Tall Stone: Column Set SALE

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The Column Set is an enhancement to the Tall Stone Wall Set (KD-AC-WL-P-003M), sold separately, which provides additional versatility. The columns are placed between each wall section and the corner pieces replace the standard corners.  This gives the wall set a more regal look for your more stately buildings. 

This terrain accessory features an aged look of cracked stucco and underlying stonework. Topped with wood beams to give it a rustic feel.  

The columns and corners are universal and may be used to accessorize many of our themed collections. They pair especially well with all of our Historical and Fantasy series, but will also work in various Sci-Fi environments.

The set includes the following pieces:

4   - Corner Sections

8   - Columns 

Scale: 28mm

This is a model kit. Assembly Required. 

Glue and paints sold separately.

Skill Level: Beginner

For ages 14+

Made in the USA.


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