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Welcome to a dark Victorian world where the fire and smoke of industry blacken the sky.

Here there is a border between two worlds; the worlds of reality and the unknown - a border which is slowly disintegrating, as faith in higher powers is pushed into the shadows by man's acceptance of technology. Across the border of the mortal realm lies Limbo: where dark gods, mythical monsters and fantastic creatures have been imprisoned for centuries

But the sorcerers, the offspring of the dark gods and mortals, escaped the great purge. They wait for their opportunity to regain their former strength.

Now, as the border has all but completely dissolved, and the two worlds collapse together, the sorcerers return to take their rightful place; their power far greater than any army.

Sorcerer is a 2-4 player dark fantasy game. This new character building game combines the best elements of a strategy card game and a tactical board game to create a whole new play experience!

  • Four 10 card Character Decks (Ariaspes, Miselda, Tegu, and Zevrane)
  • Four 20 card Lineage Decks (Followers of Usir, Hellfire Cult, Keepers of Progeny, and Oberon's Kingdom)
  • Four 10 card Domain Decks (Forgotten Temple, Haunted Forest, Outcast Sanctuary, and Screaming Coast)
  • 12 skill cards
  • One Blood Pool card
  • Four avatar standees
  • Four player boards
  • Three battlefield boards
  • Seven wooden tokens
  • Eight custom dice
  • Over 100 counters
  • A full color rule book