Scholars of the South Tigris

Scholars of the South Tigris

Renegade Game Studios

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Scholars of the South Tigris is a new stand-alone game in the South Tigris trilogy set during the height of the Abbasid Caliphate, circa 830 AD. The Caliph has called upon the keenest minds to acquire scientific manuscripts from all over the known world. Players will need to increase their influence in the House of Wisdom, and hire skilled linguists to translate the foreign scrolls into Arabic. In this Golden Age of wisdom and knowledge, be mindful not to neglect one in pursuit of the other.


  ‣ The combination of bag building, dice placement, color mixing, and "workers for mitigation" creates an extremely unique experience at the table.

  ‣ Interesting decisions each turn as you begin to build your engine and forge your strategic path in the game.

  ‣ The 6 unique research tracks, and huge variety of scrolls and translators packs hours of replayability into the box.

  ‣ The shared resource system of scrolls and translators adds a lot of positive interaction and tension between players.

  ‣ Intuitive and easy to use solo mode, with 4 levels of difficulty to compete against.


100 Opaque Dice
15 Translucent Dice
56 Workers
80 Influence
35 Gold
50 Silver
24 Research Markers
1 Neutral Marker
4 Player Markers
48 Scroll Cards
4 Caliph Cards
6 Scheme Cards
28 Action Cards
6 Goal Cards
6 Starting Scroll Cards
10 Starting Translator Cards
10 Resource Cards
1 Caliph Setup Card
64 Translator Cards
2 Solo Reference Cards
4 Player Boards
1 First Player Marker
1 Solo Board
1 Main Board
4 Bags

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes