Resident Evil 3: The Last Escape

Resident Evil 3: The Last Escape

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Explore the streets of Raccoon City as one of six new playable characters with this spine-tingling content expansion for Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game.

Play as Barry Burton, Brad Vickers, Tyrell Patrick, Marvin Branagh, Dario Rosso, or Murphy Seeker, each with unique special abilities.

You can also access the Advanced version of the core game characters by selecting them for your campaigns. Tyrell gets an Advanced version, too.

This expansion also adds the threat of permanent death for your characters — you’ll need to keep them safe from the terrifying new threat of Brain Suckers, Giant Spiders, and murderous Crows if you want to escape in one piece!

Also, with new narrative event cards, scenarios, campaign rules, game modes, and epilogue cards with alternate endings, this expansion adds even more depth and replayability to Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game.

This is your last chance. This is your last escape.