Bolt Action: Polish Army wz34 Armored Car

Bolt Action: Polish Army wz34 Armored Car



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Wz. 34 (pattern 34) Armored Car was the primary vehicle of Polish Army during World War II, used in 10 of 11 Armored Recon Divisions. Before the outbreak of war only about 90 cars were combat-ready and most of them were armed only with single 7.92mm Hotchkins MG. Some of them, intedned to be command vehicles, had 37 mm wz.18 Puteaux gun instead of machine guns. Mostly used for recon and formation protection wz. 34 crews carried out their tasks with great success. Some of them have even managed to take out a few enemy vehicles. Thanks to the great traning and commitment of the soldiers those units played a meaningful role in defense of Poland. Unfortunetaly over half of armored cars have been destroyed by Germans during combat and rest of wz. 34 had technical issues and had to be abandoned.

Scale: 28mm (1:56)

Period: Early War

Material: Resin and White metal

This set contains one resin and metal vehicle - wz. 34 Armored Car armed with wz. 25 Hotchkiss HMG.

All our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Paints and glue not included.