Noble Dwarf: Dandy Claus

Noble Dwarf: Dandy Claus

Noble Dwarf

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Ho Ho Ho!
Well, hello little humanoid! Have you been good-aligned this year?
It's almost time to cut down a fir tree and decorate it with candles and false snow. (Unless you are a druid and have one growing in your house year-round.) Be sure to join me in celebrating the reason for the season, which is because your planet has changed its orientation and position relative to its star.
How about getting that good fellow, your game master something unusual this year? My dwarves have been busy bringing new creations to life.
Elves? No, that's the other fellow. For me it's dwarves, and sometimes gnomes. But like him, I'm always watching, so you better not have any alignment shifts!


Dandy Claus

Tall: 70mm
Wide: 86mm
Deep: 63mm 
Tall With Stand: 87mm

This epic miniature contains 13 pieces and is 3D printed at 35 microns in-house using state of the art resin printers providing unmatched detail and strength. 

We use Citadel™ primers to ensure your minis arrive ready to paint.