Mindbug: Beyond Eternity

Mindbug: Beyond Eternity

Ghost Galaxy


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In this stand alone expansion, Mindbug: Beyond Eternity introduces the Boost ability where you can use cards from your graveyard to give your creatures a +1 boost in power. Also cards can have effects when in your graveyard, such as making them stronger.

This expansion can be played on its own, or mixed with Mindbug: First Contact or Mindbug: Beyond Evolution.
Mindbug is an easy-to-learn card game co-designed by Richard Garfield where players try to outwit their opponents in a tactical duel where having and playing the best card at the wrong time can be deadly…to yourself.

  • From MTG Designer Ricard Garfield
  • Easy to learn and fast to play
  • Stand alone game
  • Introduces the boost ability