MetaZoo: Seance Booster Pack (1st Edition)

MetaZoo: Seance Booster Pack (1st Edition)

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A howling wind… whispers in the air… the great Séance is upon us! MetaZoo: Séance brings the haunted carnival to you! Caravan lights dance around mountain trails and over the hills out of view. Grab your coat and head out into the night; they’re all waiting for you! The carnival lights point up towards the sky, and the Spirits run the show! Form Contracts with some, steer clear of others, and get your fortune read with tarot! Mediums and seers, witches and demons, nothing is off the table. But stay close to the light and out of the shadows, or it could prove to be quite fatal…

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is a Cryptid themed TCG for 2-4 players. Players assume the roles of Casters; their decks representing Spellbooks from which they cast powerful Spells, summon ancient Artifacts, and form Contracts with the beloved Cryptids to aid them in the Arena. Be wary of your surroundings though, the environment around the Arena has the potential to strengthen your Beasties or even weaken your Spells!

This single pack is a random draw from a booster box.  Each Seance: First Edition Booster Pack contains 12 random cards.

1 Sealed Booster Pack