Medieval Warfare Magazine Vol 11, Issue #2

Medieval Warfare Magazine Vol 11, Issue #2

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Medieval Warfare XI.2 with holy wars in the Middle Ages

How does religion get entangled with warfare? In this issue, we look at medieval holy wars across the world, from Mexico and Ethiopia to China and Sicily.

Theme: Holy wars in the Middle Ages

Alfred J. Andrea, 'Medieval holy wars around the world - Fighting for the faith'.
Rana Mikati, 'Female warriors in early Islam - Women's Jihad?'
William E. Welsh, '''As one misfortune often follows a worse'' - Battle of the Field of Blood'.
Francesca Petrizzo, 'Religion in the Norman conquest of Sicily - Not a holy war'.
Javier Albarrán, 'Campaigning in medieval Iberia - How to carry out Jihad'.


Stephen Turnbull, 'The two battles of Kōnodai - Fathers and sons at war'.
George Theotokis, 'Perspectives from Byzantine military manuals - A good military leader'.
Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'The X to XII of medieval swords - The Oakeshott typology'.
Alexander R. Brondarbit, 'The story of John Neville, Marquess of Montagu - In the Kingmaker's shadow'.
Randall Moffett, 'Charging an enemy in the eleventh century - The Norman knight'.
Vicky McAlister, 'What was around the tower house - Beyond the walls'.

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