Medieval Warfare Magazine Vol 10, Issue #5

Medieval Warfare Magazine Vol 10, Issue #5

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Medieval Warfare X.5 with Siege warfare in the Middle Ages

Perhaps the most common type of military encounter in the medieval world was laying siege to an enemy fortification. It often proved a difficult task.

Steve Tibble, 'The hidden Crusader super-weapon - Italian combat engineers'.
Beñat Elortza, 'The evolution of sieges in Scandinavia, ca 950-1300 - From palisades to donjons'.
Steven Isaac and Laurence W. Marvin, 'Siege warfare in the Middle Ages - Ten ways to conquer a castle'.
Alice Isabella Sullivan, 'Divine assistance in Byzantium and beyond - Defending Constantinople'.


Murray Dahm, 'The Battle ok Pinkie Cleugh - Scotland's darkest day'.
Randall Moffett, 'Crossbows and shields - The Italian militiaman'.
Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'For throwing long darts... which terrified - The springily'.
Noah Tetzner, '"I greet the sword's honed edge" - The Vikings and death'.
Vicky McAlister, 'When you need your fortifications done quickly - The ringwork castle'.

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