LOTR: Journeys in Middle Earth - Shadowed Path Expansion

LOTR: Journeys in Middle Earth - Shadowed Path Expansion

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Threats Rise in Mirkwood and Moria

"The Dwarves listened and shook their beards, for they knew that they must soon venture into that forest and that after the mountains it was the worst of the perils they had to pass before the came to the Dragon's stronghold."
- The Hobbit

Shadowed Paths adds new heroes, enemies, terrain, and items to all of your adventures in Middle-earth. This expansion also unlocks an all-new campaign containing thirteen scenarios in which the heroes fight through the tangled paths of Mirkwood and venture deep into the shadowed halls of abandoned Moria to face ancient evils.

Will you heed the call? Gather your friends, prepare your heroes, and brave the terrors of Shadowed Paths!


1 Rulebook
20 Double-sided Map Tiles
30 Plastic Figures
42 Item Cards
3 Title Cards
25 Hero Skill Cards
60 Role Skill Cards
4 Terrain Cards
5 Hero Cards
13 Assorted Terrain Tokens
53 Assorted Game Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 60+ minutes