Iron Warriors: Legion Transfer Sheet

Iron Warriors: Legion Transfer Sheet

Games Workshop


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The Iron Warriors are a Legion of ruthless engineers, called upon to break sieges, dismantle defences, and garrison the galaxy. The IV Legion advance like a grinding engine of steel and fire, without complaint or rest, guided only by the cold arithmetic of war as they lay down relentless barrages of heavy firepower. Overlooked and embittered by the cost of their victories, the sons of Perturabo have lost faith in the Imperium – and now claim new loyalties.

This A4-sized sheet contains 846 high-quality, full-colour waterslide transfers – more than enough for all but the largest Legiones Astartes forces. These transfers allow you to easily customise your miniatures with detailed imagery, specifically designed for the Iron Warriors Legion. The sheet features accurate Legion icons and numerals, company markings, and squad designations, as well as a variety of decorative insignias, honours, large vehicle badges, and banner art for your Iron Warriors army – including command eagles, text decals relaying the Unbreakable Litany, and the Legion's ubiquitous black-and-yellow hazard markings.