Gruff: Whispers of Madness

Gruff: Whispers of Madness

Studio Woe LLC


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Once upon a time the 3 Billy-Goats Gruff were stopped by a horrible troll while trying to cross a bridge. The goats destroyed that Troll, and ever since that time shepherds have weaponized their herds to become weaponized monster goats called Gruffs! Gruff is a tactical combat card game where players duel to the death with custom teams of Mutated Monster Goats! Gruff features unique positional and timing mechanics that create a constant state of attack and counter-play.

Gruff: Whispers of Madness is a stand-alone game that is fully compatible with the Gruff rules system and other Gruff games. Whispers of Madness provides the same visceral competitive experience as Gruff, but adds a new mechanic to the game, Sanity and Madness!


  • 15 unique goat character cards
  • 5 unique shepherd cards
  • 3 troll boss fights for co-op and single player modes
  • 225 goat ability cards
  • 48 stat tracking sliders
  • 2 rules reference cards
  • a 46 page rulebook which includes a multiplayer mode rules.
  • 10 mutation token cards