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 Can you build the best theme park in town?

Choose and build an exciting mix of attractions in your very own theme park. Upgrade them to match blueprints, or just to stack up towering rides that pull in the crowds and make the most cash. Hire staff members and build super attractions to maximize your park's strategy for the win!

Funfair is a standalone game in the Unfair universe. It's a lighter and faster introduction to Unfair's ludicrously modular theme park building. With fast setup and gameplay, and only positive player interaction included in Funfair, it's a fun family-friendly game. However, new goals, new cards, all new build strategies, and tight combos will give experienced gamers and Unfair fans plenty of challenge.

Build & Recruit - Attractions and staff members draw guests into your park, earning you money and points.

Design - Match your park to your hidden blueprints for big points.

Upgrade - Improve your rides by stacking up useful guest services, features, and more.

Like to sleeve? You'll need 147 sleeves for poker-size cards.

97 Park Cards
20 Blueprint Cards
4 Showcase Cards
12 City Cards
4 Gate Cards
5 Award Cards
4 Reference Cards
1 Closure Card
1 Game Board
78 Coin Tokens
1 Starting Player Marker
1 Step Tracker Miniature
Scorepad & Pencil

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 15 minutes per player