Freeblades: Ally Wildwing

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Amongst the bird totem tribes, there is an ancient and mysterious group of dancing mystics that call themselves the Wildwings. This tradition is only shared by the Eagle, Falcon, Owl, Raven, and Vulture tribes. Those who undertake the quest to become a Wildwing are accepted into the other tribes and treated as one of their own. To see a Wildwing dancing on the field of battle is both rare and mystifying. Calling upon the power of not one but five totems, they are unsettling to their enemies and a great boon to their allies.

A single Wildwing may be taken as an Ally [Trusted] in a Falkaaran, Haradelan or Urdaggar freeband.

The Wildwing is a 32mm white metal model in 3 pieces (body, left arm, right arm) with a 25mm round plastic base. Sculpted by Chris Jackson. Model is supplied unpainted, some assembly required.