Dystopian Wars: Tempelhof Battlefleet Set

Dystopian Wars: Tempelhof Battlefleet Set

Warcradle Studios

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1/1200 Scale

Air support is essential for the operation of an efficient fleet and as efficiency is the watchword of the Imperium Navy, Air Support is found in all sections of the Prussian Forces. At the heart of this is the Tempelhof Fleet Carrier. Its main role is to get its contingent of aircraft to within striking range of the enemy and provide anti-air support to them. They can often be equipped with the deadly Blitzen Bombers; heavy aircraft armed with devastating bombs to rain down on enemy decks, coastal defences or even targets further inland. Enemy Admirals who have encountered these large bombers will never forget the deep throaty roar of their engines, if they ever survive the encounter that is.

In support of the Tempelhof Fleet Carriers are assigned a number of specialised cruiser variants. Based on the ubiquitous Blucher Class Hull, but with a specialised bridge section, these ships can be refitted as fast as their frontline counterparts. The Konrad Class Support Carrier bears a flight deck with supply for a small number of fighters allowing it to add to the squadrons of aircraft the fleet can put in the air. The Reiter Class Flak Cruiser is equipped with an impressive array of vierling cannons, deadly multiple barreled weapons that launch scores of flak rockets into the air, ensuring the Blitzen Bombers can reach their targets without interception. Finally the Volsung Class Cruisers bear large Sturmbringer Cannons on their decks that can char flesh and rupture enemy armour.

Added to this array of impressive naval firepower are the Imperium Destroyers. Vessels of the Sigimer Class are longer, more heavily armoured and boast additional firepower over Frigates. Toten Class, on the other hand are heavier still and are equipped with two Sturmklaue cannons. Many an Admiral has underestimated these smaller vessels to their cost.

Plastic and resin components.

1 Tempelhof Class Fleet Carrier
2 Reiter Class Cruisers (Reiter, Konrad, or Volsung Class)
4 Class Destroyers (Sigimer or Toten Class)
2 Blitzen Bomber Special SRS Tokens
2 Imperium SRS Tokens
4 Bases

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.