Dystopian Wars: Suleiman Battlefleet Set

Dystopian Wars: Suleiman Battlefleet Set

Warcradle Studios


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The flight crew of Constantinople Carriers are rightly proud of their assignment. It is said that "the blood of a wingman is thicker than the water of the womb" and that is certainly the case for these pilots. These aerial combatants are like a close-knit family as they know that they can only rely on each other once the fighting starts and don’t let outsiders forget it.

The Mihrimah Flechette Cruiser is armed with a weapon unique to the Sultanate. It can unleash a torrent of Orichalcite Flechettes from its bombards at a target. These light and razor-thin fragments are so sharp they can puncture steel hulls at close quarters, though air resistance prevents them from being effective at longer ranges. While they can certainly cause damage to cruisers, they are deadly against squadrons of smaller ships. A cloud of flechettes can easily envelop multiple vessels and shred through steel and flesh alike.

While the Ferik escort skiffs of the Sultanate are ubiquitous in their battlefleets, they need frequent maintenance to keep their repulsion engines in working order, that’s where the Konya comes in. A bay at the fore of the ship allows a skiff to be loaded in and repairs to be made. Though a commodore knows that a Konya lacks firepower, they never regret having one close by.

An Aydin Supply Cruiser is a welcome sight to other crews. Knowing they won’t run out of vital necessities at a moment's notice is a huge boost for morale and for this reason alone they are constantly on the move, heading from fleet to fleet, only heading ashore to resupply themselves.

Morea Minelayers have become more common as tensions escalate. Sultanate commanders understand that they must keep their holdings around the world at any cost while Order advisors push the fact that anything to advance the greater good is necessary. While the merchant navy of the Sultanate might dislike the sea being mined, they are slowly being fed stories that prove how vital they can be.

Plastic and resin components.

19 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Suleiman Fleet Carrier
  ‣ 3 Cruisers (Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha, or Sadrazam Class)
  • 2 Cruisers combined make a Hurrem Grand Cruiser or Mehmen Grand Monitor
  ‣ 6 Temir Frigates
  ‣ 3 Cruisers (Constantinople, Mihrimah, Konya, Aydin, or Morea Class)
  ‣ 6 Ferik Escort Skiffs
3 SRS Tokens

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.