Dystopian Wars: Ore War Veterans Squadrons

Dystopian Wars: Ore War Veterans Squadrons

Warcradle Studios


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Gettysburg heavy monitors are showing their age after nearly two decades of war. Electrical problems make their facilities sparse, though the rugged design of these ships along with their lengthy battle honours make their crews extremely loyal to these veteran warships.

Corvettes are one of the smallest classifications of vessels in the fleet, with disproportionately powerful armament for their tonnage. The Springfield class has been in service for nearly twenty years, serving with distinction in the fleets of both the Union and the Confederacy.


  • 2x Ore War Veteran Cruisers (may be built as either Gettysburg, Providence, Saratoga or Sumpter)
  • 4x Springfield Corvettes
  • 4x Escort Tokens
  • 2x Talon SRS Tokens

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.