Dungeons & Lasers: Roof Set

Dungeons & Lasers: Roof Set

Archon Studios

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Tabletop Terrain designed for gaming. Made using hard plastic, it will survive all your battles and adventures. Easily assembled without glue, because we all like to change and adapt our layouts from time to time. Fully customizable with specialized rooms and extra bits. Created to be adorable so you can easily and quickly fill up your gaming table.

Roof Set contains the following pieces:

  • Basic Roof x8
  • Convex Corner x8
  • Concave Corner x4
  • Fill Wall x8
  • Wooden Trim x6
  • Stone Trim x6
  • Tudor Trim x6
  • Castle Trim x6
  • Double Trim x6
  • Floor Clip x32
  • Wall Clip x10
  • Pin x64

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.


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