Dropfleet Commander: Resistance Sagittarii Cutters

Dropfleet Commander: Resistance Sagittarii Cutters



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Built in various configurations over the years, the Sagittarii is a typical pre-war cutter, if ‘typical’ can even be applied to such a specialist ship. Almost all the ship’s power is consumed by the drives, necessitating the low power N-12 Artillery Cannon. Instead, add a set of launch bays and you have the Baleares, one of the fastest carriers in mankind’s fleets, embodying the concept of the pre-war pocket carrier.

This set contains 3 Resistance Cutters, all able to be built as either Sagittarii or Balaeres variants. There are parts to build 3 of either option, and with additional rudder pieces, you can assemble them in a variety of ways; both engines and nose can be put vertically or horizontally for more customisation.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.