Dodos Riding Dinos

Dodos Riding Dinos

Draco Studios

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Dodino Island needs a new ruler! The ancient succession ritual has begun.

Choose your favorite Dodino miniature! Advance with blue or red cards and solve their wacky effects. Some will test your dexterity against you rivals by making throwing bananas, flicking dodo eggs, or making meteorites fall.

The fastest Dodo and Dino will claim the Dodosaurus Egg-throne!

2 Double-sided Game Boards
12 Plastic Racer Minis (Assembled, Unpainted)
12 Dinomeeples
12 Racer Cards
64 Movement Cards
16 Power-up Cards
2 Dice
1 Dodo First-player Marker
5 Projectile Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 20 minutes