Conquest: The W'adrhun - Thunder Chieftain Artisan Series

Conquest: The W'adrhun - Thunder Chieftain Artisan Series

Para Bellum

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This figure was sculpted and designed by the team at Para-Bellum in keeping with our aesthetic and created as a larger resin model befitting of our Artisan Series. This is a true artisan series miniature, with incredible details that make it a presence on a game table, or as a painted model. As the W’adrhŭn hosts thunders into battle, it is not uncommon for its leaders to lead from the vanguard. While it has been established that male W’adrhŭn struggle to form stable bonds with carnivorous dinosaurs, this poses no impediment to those who would seek to bond and ride a Ceratopsian dinosaur. Mounted atop this formidable beast, the Thunder Chieftain becomes a bastion of prowess and rallying point upon the battlefield, the ungainly and brutal nature of his mount’s attacks is more than offset by the sheer combat prowess displayed by the greatest warrior in the tribe. How they Play: With the Thunder Riders being the staple Regiment of the Chieftain, the Character loses no time to mount one of these powerful beasts themselves and join the fray! Similar to Brood of Omgorah, this allows the Thunder Chieftain to ride along his Thunder Riders in style!

1 resin monster model per pack Includes regiment stand. 1 Command Card.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted, and assembly may be required.