Conquest: Dweghom - Hellbringer Sorcerer

Conquest: Dweghom - Hellbringer Sorcerer

Para Bellum

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When the Dweghom turned on their creators it was their affinity for sorcery and metallurgy that allowed them to create weaponry capable of threatening even creatures as mighty as the Dragons. Hellbringer Socerers are the custodians of this ancient craft and even to this day ride the debased descendants of their ancestral enemies, ready to rain down hell on their unsuspecting opponents.

In Game Role

●    Battlefield Role: Character
●    Class: Medium
●    Type: Monster

Box Contents

●    1 Resin Character Miniature
●    1 Infantry Plastic Base

Product Information

●    Assembly: Required. 
●    Box size: 7.4x10.4x3.7cm; 50grs
●    Material: Resin
●    Scale: 38mm