Pegasus Spiele

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Ignite the Bonfire, Cast Out the Twilight!

The magical bonfires have died out, the ancient cities are abandoned, the world has sunk into twilight. The Guardians of Light, who once watched over the bonfires, have withdrawn to distant islands. There they wait for those who prove worthy to banish the darkness.

And so it is up to you, the Gnomes, to face this fate: Colonize the empty cities and prepare the path for the Guardians to return to their original home. Perform the tasks set before you to re-ignite the bonfires, and your world will once again shine in bright light!

Bonfire is multifaceted and demanding, requiring sophisticated strategy as well as flexibility. Renowned designer Stefan Feld has created an exciting and challenging game experience that offers a lot of variety with just a few available options.

1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
4 Action Overviews
4 Starting Tiles
4 Extension Tiles
66 Tasks
72 Action Tiles
28 Portals
28 Path Tiles
5 Countdown Tiles
32 Fate Tiles
40 Offering Tiles
1 Bonfire
4 "0/50" Markers
33 Gnome Cards
4 Overview Cards
8 Cards for Solo Play
20 Guardians
33 Novices
57 Resources
4 Ships
4 Score Markers
2 Rulebook (English, German)

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 70-100 minutes