Blue Rose RPG: Envoys to the Mount

Blue Rose RPG: Envoys to the Mount

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In the Depths of Shadow Barrens, Evil Awakens

The ancient connections between the nomadic Roamer folk of Aldis and the eldritch folk known as the vata has long been suspected, but never confirmed. When an emissary from the far-off vata stronghold known as Mount Oritaun comes to Aldis seeking a familiar face and a favor from its Queen, a small band of envoys from the Sovereign’s Finest are assigned to lend their aid against the sinister power of the Shadow Barrens.

Envoys to the Mount provides four adventure chapters spanning five years and all four tiers of Blue Rose play. Together they form an epic campaign that sees the heroes not only facing off against the forces of Shadow, but also unlocking some of the ancient secrets of the world of Aldea. Envoys to the Mount also provides:

 • A complete gazetteer for the Shadow Barrens, the vile city of Austium, and long-lost Mount Oritaun.

 • A extensive guide to the organization and people of the Sovereign’s Finest, guardians of Aldis.

 • A host of creatures and characters for use within or outside of this storyline.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Blue Rose: The AGE RPG of Romantic Fantasy is required to play.

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