Black Rose Wars: Familiars - Hydra

Black Rose Wars: Familiars - Hydra

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Enhance your mage's powers!

Black Rose Wars expands its line with new familiars! Every set of familiars includes 3 different specimens with unique skills and statistics. If you decide to use one or more types of pets in your games you will have to replace one of the original rooms of the color corresponding to the lair of the type of Familiar selected.

Familiars are limited and unique. As long as a Familiar has a Master, it cannot be chosen by any other Mage, so if a second Magister activates the same lair he can only choose between the two remaining specimens, and so on. These Familiars are Hydra hatchlings, emerging from the depths of the Lodge to wreak havoc in the Rooms. Each hatchling has generic abilities common to all Familiars, as well as the unique ability to transfer Instability between the Rooms they pass through.

3 Hydra Miniatures
3 Spell Cards
3 Evocation Cards
3 Action Tokens
1 Room Tile
1 Activation Token