Ancient Warfare Magazine Vol 14, Issue #4

Ancient Warfare Magazine Vol 14, Issue #4

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Ancient Warfare XIV.4 with The Greco-Persian Wars, Part I

In the late sixth-century BC, it became clear that the expanding Persian Empire and the Greek city states in Asia and the Aegean would soon come into conflict...

Ancient Warfare XIV.4

Theme: The Greco-Persian Wars, Part I

Bartosz Smogur , 'The Greco-Persian Wars - Inevitable Conflict'.
Nicholas Cross, 'The naval strategy in the Ionian revolt - The beginning of trouble'.
Gareth Williams, 'An uncertain alliance in ancient Greece - The Hellenic League'.
William Shepard, 'Athens and the Battle of Salamis - Themistocles triumphant'.
Sean Manning, 'Documents, art, and stories - Equipping the king's men'.


Mark McCaffery, 'The empty throne and the white fawn - Eumenes of Cardia'.
Ross Cowan, 'Some Sullan centurions - Before Baculus'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Part-mounted cohorts in the Roman army - Enthusiastic horsemen'.
Murray Dahm, 'The Dallas Battle Sarcophagus - Victory in death'.
Jona Lendering, 'Regulus' ill-fated African campaign - Reversal of fortune'.
Jo Ball, 'Garrisoning Rome's frontier (Tab. Vindol. 154) - Armed but not ready'.

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