AKI Weathering Pencil: Deluxe Edition Box

AKI Weathering Pencil: Deluxe Edition Box

AK Interactive

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Weathering pencils are water-based pencils with 17cm semi-grease paint specially for use in modeling. Specially formulated with the most suitable basic colors to achieve all the effects in a very simple way. They are very easy to control, clean, and of course they are not toxic. It is an ideal tool both for people who want to introduce themselves in modeling and for more advanced modelers who can discover their properties in different effects.We recommend using them on a matt surface to achieve optimal results, but thanks to their semi-fat tip can be used on other finishes getting.

Luxury edition box containing 37 watercolor pencils for easy transport. A high quality box to keep your special pencils safe and ready for the most extreme weathering, get it now!!! 

  • AK10001 Black
  • AK10002 Rubber
  • AK10003 Smoke
  • AK10004 White
  • AK10005 Dirty White
  • AK10006 Olive Green
  • AK10007 Light Green
  • AK10008 Dark Green
  • AK10009 Sand
  • AK10010 Sepia
  • AK10011 Light Rust
  • AK10012 Medium Rust
  • AK10013 Dark Rust
  • AK10014 Strong Ocher
  • AK10015 Vivid Orange
  • AK10016 Light Chipping for Wood
  • AK10017 Dark Chipping for Wood
  • AK10018 Gun Metal (Graphite)
  • AK10019 Chipping Color
  • AK10020 Red Primer
  • AK10021 Green Blue
  • AK10022 Dark Blue
  • AK10023 Light Blue
  • AK10024 Dark Grey
  • AK10025 Neutral Grey
  • AK10026 Dust / Rainmarks
  • AK10027 Concrete Marks
  • AK10028 Earth Brown
  • AK10029 Buff
  • AK10030 Streaking Dirt
  • AK10031 Red
  • AK10032 Yellow
  • AK10033 Aluminum
  • AK10034 Gold
  • AK10035 Dark Aluminum
  • AK10036 Bronze
  • AK10037 Copper