3rd Gen CAMOUFLAGE GREEN Acrylic Paint

3rd Gen CAMOUFLAGE GREEN Acrylic Paint

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New formula featuring high performance resins and high quality components. The colors are made in accordance with European regulations, thus ensuring that no harmful substances are used that could pose a risk to the health of the user and the environment.

Once dry, the colors are permanent and waterproof. They are resistant to oils, enamels, washes, solvents or any potentially aggressive technique. They are easily applied without hiding the finest details of the figures or vehicles. The formula offers adhesion and resistance up to twice as much as other paints in the market.

High opacity and water-based pigmentation that overcome any other product in the market. Current paints contain cellulose and resins that make them, even when diluted, not cover or clog in the airbrush. We have created a new formula for brush and airbrush painting avoiding this problem, getting a quick drying, a matt finish and an intense tone.

Made with a technologically superior formula for painting with a brush or an airbrush. No toxic elements, very high pigmentation, ideal for models, miniatures and modeling in general.

It comes in a 17ml bottle. with dropper.