40K 4th Annual Bug Stomp Mega-Battle - 7/20/2024

40K 4th Annual Bug Stomp Mega-Battle - 7/20/2024

Koros Wargames


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Join us for a day of bug stomping at this year's annual Tyranid vs the Universe Megabattle.

This was extremely popular event, so sign up to ensure your spot. A total of 12 players will be supported. Stop by the store enter your army. Reserve your spot today!

Details are below:



Tyranid 40K Megabattle
Saturday, July 20th 12:00 pm

*** Format subject to change until final confirmation by event organizer. ***

12 Players

Massive disturbances have been reported in warp space and the astropath choir is losing contact with the astronomican.    

Commanders prepare your forces to defend against an incoming Tyranid Splinter Fleet.

Non-Tyranid players will be defending the table and several objectives on it.  Tyranid players will be the attackers with dead units reinforcing each turn in the tyranid deployment zone. 

Each non-tyranid player should prepare a detachment of no more than 2,000 points.  Each detachment can have one free lord of war, additional lords of war cost their listed points.       
Tyranid Players

Lords of war are free, please prepare your hive fleets and contact Phil about what you are interested in bringing.