The Koros Difference

The Koros Difference

In today's wargaming/roleplaying market place, there are a lot of companies offering a wide variety of MDF/HDF terrain options. These companies are both large and small, many of which offer simplistic and plain looking model kits that can be quite disappointing.

Here at Koros Wargames, we strive to stand apart from our competition. To do this, our focus is on two core principles. Those principles being Quality and Detail.


Our design studio, Koros Wargames Terrain Designs, focuses on constructing model kits that are sturdy and durable. We do this by using 1/8" (3.175mm) thick medium density fiberboard (mdf) instead of 1/16" high density fiberboard (hdf) often used by our competitors. We believe that this material offers a much stronger model. In many of our building kits, we use double thick walls 1/4" to further strengthen the model and allow for a higher level of detail in both the interior and exterior portions of the model. In addition, this construction method allows our designs to hide many of the ugly joints and tabs that are often seen in other product lines.


We put our designs through a rigorous detailing phase where our designers strive to deliver realistic effects. This makes our models stand out even further. Look at the wood grains found in our timber walls, our interior wall and floor finishes, the realistic stonework and brick face, and the thatch patterns of our roofs.  These designs are precision laser cut with a lot of fine tuning to achieve a fantastic look. To top this, we strive to make our products to 28 mm scale. There is a considerable difference in our model size when compared to others. We offer realistic sizes, not shrunken versions that keep costs down. 

Our Mission

In the end, Koros Wargames strives to provide premium terrain products that will enhance our customers table top gaming experience. Our commitment to Quality and Detail is our priority, but overall, we are driven to provide our customers with terrain that brings the game to life.

A Final Thought

No matter what game system played or miniature line collected, nothing feels so great as pulling out your miniatures to prepare for battle. We understand the resources and time that go into preparing those minis for these moments. Now think of how awesome it is when those minis are supported by a fantastic terrain setting. That is what the "Koros Difference" is all about.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming!

The Koros Wargames Staff