Arena Rex Leader Board

Welcome to the Koros Wargames Gladiatorial Games!

Here are the rules and leader board rankings for the Arena Rex gladiatorial games.

This is our first run of these rules and we may change them as seen fit to help promote balance, clarification, and playability.

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Important Documents (Downloadable PDFs):


Ludus Registration

Campaign Rules

Match Form

Campaign Rules:


- Each participant must register at least 1 Ludus Faction, a participate may have multiple registrations, but each faction operates independent from one another. (No sharing rewards) They are also unique to the participant, so you may only have one faction of each type. Also, gladiators are unique to the participant. Only one of each named gladiator is allowed across all the participants Factions.

- Available factions are Helleniki, Ludus Magnus, Legio XIII, Morituri, and Zephyri

- If a participant wishes to restart a Ludus with a clean ranking, all the old faction stats and rewards will be deleted.

- Registrations forms are to be submitted in person at the shop to a Koros Wargames staff member.

- Mercenary Cohorts may be pulled from another participants Ludus Factions or from the mercenary pool for the participants list.

Setting up a Match

Below are the steps to running a match.

1) Obtain a match log sheet and record the player names, declaration of each Ludus Faction, and match Cohort Size.

2) Record participating gladiators, mercenary cohorts, and Ludus benefit qualification.

3) Randomly determine scenario or agree on one, record on log sheet.

4) Play match, record results.Have fun!

5) Submit match log sheet to a Koros Wargames Staff Member.


To reflect the skills and prowess of the gladiators, they will accumulate rewards as they fight matches. Rewards are given as Glory Points to the Ludus and individual gladiators. They are accumulated in the following manner:

Reward Value
 Reward Trigger
 Winning Ludus gains a glory point to the main glory pool.
 Winning Faction gladiator who is standing at the end of game AND has at least scored 1 hit upon and enemy gains a personal glory point.
 "Boo" Factor - If a gladiator of the winning faction survives the match and has NOT scored a hit on an enemy, they are a disgrace to the Ludus and fall out of favor with the crowd.


Redeeming Rewards

Glory points given to to the Ludus Faction Main Pool may be used on any gladiator in a future match.

Gladiator glory points may be redeemed by the specific gladiator who earned it during a future match.

Redeemed points are spent and decrease the number of earned glory points available to the ludus/gladiator. They are to be recorded on the log sheet as spent and will be updated on the leader board.

What does a redeemed glory point do? They work like regular favor that is earned during the game. Essentially, each glory point is worth an extra die roll as per the favor rules of Arena Rex. 

A Ludus may only redeem up to 3 of its Glory Pool per match.

Each Gladiator may redeem up to 3 of its Glory Pool per match.


Calculating Ranks

The following formula is used to calculate the ranking of a Ludus

Rank Ratio = (Wins/(Loses+1)) +(Total Matches/10)

Notice that participants that play more matches will gain a boost to their ranking. This helps reward participation in the campaign.