Wild West Exodus Rulebook, 2nd Edition

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The dynamic and fast-paced game of Wild West Exodus takes players into the dangerous Frontier of the Union of Federated States. In the twilight years of the Nineteenth Century, mankind is perched upon a new age of discovery and enlightenment. Humanity’s greed and ambition have twisted this bright future into a Dystopian Age where nations clash and the threat of war forever lingers. In Wild West Exodus the bravery and actions of individuals on that Frontier can still forge legends and change the world.

This softback 148-page book contains the main rules of the game along with a rich and expansive background for all eight factions and the Dystopian Age that they live in. Alongside this wealth of material, the book contains the 1.08 update to the rules.

The Wild West Exodus Rulebook 2nd Edition contains;

  • The complete rules for Wild West Exodus
  • Background and history of the eight factions of the Dystopian Age
    • Enlightened
    • Hex
    • Lawmen
    • Order
    • Outlaws
    • Union
    • Warrior Nation
    • Watchers
  • Common Adventures


Please note:

  • The Wild West Exodus Rulebook 2nd Edition is supplied in English.

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